About Us

Mama F.H.U. Company has existed since 2003. We have many years of experience in the Sport Facilities Management. The Company's area of expertise includes:

- providing dedicated staff (cashiers, security guards, technicians, etc.) to run Facilities,

- events organization,

- support in advertisement space rentals.

Our staff is highly professional and extremely dedicated to the Facility management tasks flawless execution

Here, at Mama FHU we are flexible and determined to meet all of our Clients requirements.

Ice Resurfacers

We rent out popular brands of ice resurfacing equipment:




We do intensive maintenance work of the equipment before renting it out. We can provide training in using resurfacers and their basic maintenance to your Employees.

The ice resurfacers are diesel or electric powered. Besides Ice-Resurfacers we also rent out milling machines (diesel and electric).

  • Derol

  • Zamboni

  • Olympia

  • Barber Surf Rake


  • Cherrington Beach Cleaner


  • Cherrington Beach Cleaner


  • Zamboni - Krawędziarka




  • Zamboni - Krawędziarka




  • BeachTech beach cleaner


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