Ice Resurfacers Sales


We sell used ice-resurfacers. Contact us for details.

At know for sale

Ice Cat B220 Battery operated ice resurfacer 

Film in operation

Ice Resurfacers

We rent out popular brands of ice resurfacing equipment:




We do intensive maintenance work of the equipment before renting it out. We can provide training in using resurfacers and their basic maintenance to your Employees. The ice resurfacers are diesel or electric powered.

Besides Ice-Resurfacers we also rent out milling machines (diesel and electric).

Ice Resurfacers Service

We Do Ice Resurfacers Service

We provide post-guarantee ice resurfacers service and maintenance for Zamboni, Olympia and Destarol brands.

In about 80% cases all maintenance and service work is done at the Client's location, minimalizing negative impact of a missing ice-resurfacer at the Facility. In longer term out-of-site service cases we'll provide you with another ice-resurfacer.

  • Derol

  • Zamboni

  • Olympia

  • Barber Surf Rake


  • Cherrington Beach Cleaner


  • Cherrington Beach Cleaner


  • Zamboni - Krawędziarka




  • Zamboni - Krawędziarka




  • BeachTech beach cleaner


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