Ice-Rink Management


We Do Ice-Rink Management

Ice-Rink Management Problem? We can fix it!

Our criteria of success is to provide Management Service from start to finish.

Tasks we accomplish:

- creation of temporary or permanent facility infrastructure (sidewalks, changing rooms, etc.),

- providing insurance,

- money convoys,

- providing staff (security guards, cashiers, skates rental and service places),

- providing equipment for ice skating classes,

- providing equipment for hockey games,

- providing sound equipment,

- ice-resurfacers rentals and service,

- milling-machines,

- skates sharpeners,

- events organization. Events include, but are not limited to: Ice-Rink Grand Opening, Santa Claus Day, New Year Day, etc.,

- creating a food court on your Facility.

Many public and private entities have entrusted our expertise. These include Sport Facilities owned by Local and State Governments as well as Privately Owned Entities.

  • Derol

  • Zamboni

  • Olympia

  • Barber Surf Rake


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  • Cherrington Beach Cleaner


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  • Zamboni - Krawędziarka




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